I have been involved with the Iowa City-Coralville Hockey (ICH) Association for several years while in Iowa City for graduate school.

I started by being a head coach for the PeeWee hockey team (ages 11-12) for two years, the '06-'07 and '07-'08 seasons. It was a fantastic experience, and I wish I had more time to continue doing it. It may sound cliche, but I learned a lot from that experience. 

My involvement with the youth program lead me to organize the ICH adult hockey league. When I first moved to Iowa City, I started playing in the Sunday night league organized by the (obviously for-profit) Coral Ridge Mall. It was run by mall employees, and it wasn't very well organized. Through my involvement with youth program, I realized the Coral Ridge Mall was making a nice profit off their adult league. That motivated me to organize all the adult league players and get them to join the ICH association. We began to run the league ourselves under the umbrella of the ICH association and the profits from the league now go to the youth hockey program instead of the corporate-run Coral Ridge Mall. Because the league is now run by players in the league, it has become a much more enjoyable league with better communication with its participants, an online presence, and even updated statistics. With improvements to the league, we have also seen it grow in numbers and now have over 100 players. I served as ICH Adult League Director for its first two years.